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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Making HIV Prevention Work -- TAC magazine 'Equal Treatment'

In recent years many treatment activists and organizations have been speaking up about the need to accelerate and scale up HIV prevention efforts alongside treatment scale up. Attached is a link to the November newsletter of the Treatment Action Campaign "Equal Treatment" which focuses on HIV prevention. This newsletter is a good example of an advocacy tool that can be produced at relatively low cost, is context - specific, and simple, clear and direct in its messaging.

This newsletter is very well produced and forcefully presents the arguments for scaling up HIV prevention programmes and what needs to be done within the South African context. It presents the key issues in a simple but engaging manner. The newsletter has put forward a human face to HIV prevention efforts with clear evidence and data.

Please feel free to use this publication as appropriate in your advocacy efforts. We would also welcome your suggestions on how we can produce similar publications and encourage country level efforts of this nature.

With best wishes

Purnima Mane
Director, Policy Evidence and Partnerships


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