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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sexual Reform?

The NVSH (Dutch Society for Sexual Reform) aims to contribute to the sexual emancipation of individual and social life. Our main activity is the promotion of knowledge and understanding of sexual behaviour in the widest possible sense.

Holland is the only country in the world which has an association specifically dedicated to sexual reform. We started out as a Neo-Malthusian League, which opened the first birth control clinic in the world in 1881. In 1946 the present name was adopted and a broader range of targets was formulated. Up to the sixties, a great deal of energy went into building up the organisation, which ran 60 clinics and reached a membership high of 220,000 in 1966. Also much work was put into improving the quality of contraceptives (condom, diaphragm and spermicidal jelly) and introducing the contraceptive pill.

Read more about them here.


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