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Friday, September 15, 2006

Updates and announcement from PLCPD

[This notice was emailed by Ethel of PLCPD]

House Bill 5028 - Mandanas Bill

There was no discussion made on the content of the bill, nor was there any chance for the resource speakers to present their position in the hearing. Some of our champions came, namely reps Macias, Biron, Marcoleta and Lagman, ready to block the passage of HB 5028. FPOP and Likhaan were also there as resource persons.

The committee focused on the first item in the agenda, which was a local bill filed by Cong. Alan Peter Cayetano. Seeing that the discussion on the Cayetano bill is becoming lengthy, our champions decided to continue this discussion which will also delay deliberations on the mandanas bill.

However, Cong. Mandanas was allowed to make a manifestation towards the end of the hearing. He insisted that since HB 5028 was already "essentially" approved in the previous hearing and that the reason why it was opposed was only because of the title, he motioned for the committee to approve the bill as he is very willing to change the title. Rep.Marcoleta raised his objection as it wasnt true that the Mandanas bill was "essentially" approved in the previous hearing and that the title is the only questionable part of the bill. he suggested to continue to hold deliberations on the bill which was agreed upon by the Chair (Cong. Yapha). Yapha said that the committee might schedule another hearing next week.


The Committee on revision of laws has scheduled a hearing on the Buhay and Marcoleta bills on Sept. 20 (Wednesday), 9.30 am, Rms 9 and 10, Ramon Mitra. This will be the first public hearing on the bills but just to be sure that we won't get outvoted if there would be a motion to approve, we are going to try to mobilize our champions. The only problem is that Rep. Mayong Aguja is the only RH champion who is a member of the committee. We need to get our champions deputized so that they have voting powers as well.

Some of the rhan orgs were already invited to present their position on the bills. It is important that this bill is blocked immediately. We request your presence on this hearing.

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