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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI on World AIDS Campaign 2006

Pope Benedict XVI included the following reflection in observance of World AIDS Day within his general message at the Angelus Prayer and Blessing given in St. Peter's Square today, 26 November 2006 - the original is in Italian; I have supplied an unofficial English translation and will forward the official translation as soon as it is available:

"Ricorre il 1° dicembre prossimo la Giornata Mondiale contro l’AIDS. Auspico
vivamente che tale circostanza favorisca un’accresciuta responsabilità nella
cura della malattia, insieme all’impegno di evitare ogni discriminazione nei
confronti di quanti ne sono colpiti. Mentre invoco sui malati e sulle loro
famiglie il conforto del Signore, incoraggio le molteplici iniziative che la
Chiesa sostiene in tale campo. "
On this coming 01 December, World AIDS Day will once again be observed. I hope that this observance will promote increased responsibility for treating this disease, together with a commitment to avoid any discrimination toward those who are living with the disease. I also invoke the Lord's comfort on the sick and on their families, and I encourage the many
initiatives that the Church sponsors in this field. (Unofficial translation by Rev. R. Vitillo - official translation not yet available as of 26 November 2006)

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Blogger Punk Poet said...

Sunday, December 03, 2006
by Punk Poet

"For the sake of peace"
"In the name of faith"
"In an act of piety,"
"opens the gates"

are all equal parts
of "The Story"

But so is the "Opposition,"
the naysaying "OTHER"

(regardless of what is said,
that is, details are such a bother)

Now that believing depends
largely on the "telling,"
"heroic sacrifice"
Would it even be heroic
if nobody was watching?

11:31 PM  

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