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Monday, August 07, 2006

Fighting the queer fight

By Doni Santos
Inquirer (7:02pm (Mla time) 08/01/2006

WHEN I BEGAN MY TREK toward loving a fellow man, I didn’t know I would come this far. I thought hooking up with another guy was just a phase, something I would tell my grandchildren when I was older.

But it’s a decision that I have since then resolved to fight for.

At first, I was like any normal guy. I was your typical boy-next-door. Some would even call me handsome--charming, definitely. With this gentlemanly, can’t-hurt-a-fly air about me, I could smooth-talk my way into getting a lot of girls. I was a player. I would even bring women home for sleep-overs in our house, and my parents didn’t mind. My dad was proud of the fact that I was a playboy.

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Doni Santos of Ang Ladlad belongs to RGS Kabandana Batch (June 2006)


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