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Saturday, July 22, 2006

DSWP, PLCD, THEIA-I issue statement on DepEd Sexuality Modules

Sex, Lives and Lesson Guides:
The RHducation of the Filipino Youth

The CBCP strikes again! Alleging that teaching students about reproductive health will make the youth sexually adventurous and that such education is the sole responsibility of parents, the CBCP succeeded in blocking the integration of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Lesson Guides on Adolescent Reproductive Health into the high school curriculum.

Not content with this, the CBCP strikes again with its last pastoral letter, article 22 of which states:

“We are deeply troubled by attempts to legislate or make as state policy ideas that tend to weaken or even destroy cherished religious values regarding the nature of life, the nature of marriage as union of man and woman, child bearing, the values formation of children, etc. Such ideas are part of an orientation that is fundamentally secularistic and materialistic, separated from their religious and moral roots. We find them in pending bills about population, marriage and family, reproductive health, and sex education in schools. The Filipino family is ill-served by these developments. As the foundation of a civilization of life and love, the family is most seriously threatened. Therefore, Catholic lay groups as well as our Bishops’ Commission on Family and Life have made many public interventions about these and they continue to do so.”

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Shared by: Vanessa T.P. Dugenia (DSWP)


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