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Monday, July 03, 2006

Online Resources: Catholics for Free Choice

The Catholics for Free Choice ( has several resource materials uploaded in their website. If you wish to get more related RGS articles for your advocacy activities, you can visit their site and some of the materials are downlaodable.

We have given you copies of some of their materials during our RGS workshop but the others were just displayed. If you found some of the display copies interesting, you may just download them from their website.

By: Health Action Information Network (HAIN)
...believes that health comes with empowering people and communities
to access objective and accurate information on health care,
to make their own decisions and to organize for their rights.


Blogger Carolina S. Ruiz Austria said...

Agony of a Gnostic

It makes no sense
all those symbols
gone awry
why take
a blessing
from someone
unworthy ?
his hands are dirty
by association,
his mind
even dirtier,
through confession

Compassion knows
no native soil
it sprouts
in unlikely potholes
in between
barren rock
the stoic faces
of saints
in the blank
of devotees
not nurtured
chanced upon

"Gnostic" - relating to, or possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledgeLate Latin Gnsticus, a Gnostic, from Late Greek Gnstikos, from Greek gnstikos, concerning knowledge, from gnsis, knowledge.[American Heritage Dictionary 2000]

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