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Friday, August 15, 2008

Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement

The Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement is a fellowship of concerned Catholics empowered with the belief that the Catholic faith upholds social justice and human rights, respects freedom and self determination, promotes and practices fairness, and defends the dignity and value of individuals, of families and children, especially the poor and marginalized.

The members of the Movement also believe in reproductive health as a right and as such, we support and promote the right of every Filipino to reproductive health services, information, and education.

The prevailing circumstances to discredit the reproductive health bill, its advocates and supporters, majority of whom are Catholics, have brought forth this movement. As Catholics, we believe it is our essential duty and obligation to do what is right, fair, and just for our fellow human beings. The fundamental element of justice is that it gives every person his/her due and to what belongs to him/her by right.

Reproductive health is not anti-God, not anti-Catholic, not anti-life, not anti-constitution and not anti-poor. It is in fact pro-quality of life, believes in the essential goodness and potentials of men and women, enhances family life and personal relations, respects existing and prevailing laws and prevents loss of lives and helps improve the total health and well being.

The guiding principles of reproductive health do not run counter with the practice of the Catholic faith. It is the apostolic activity of the movement to make this known to the Catholic faithful. St. Paul defines apostolic activity as the ministry of reconciliation.

We would like to see this as an apostolic activity of Catholics who are also supporters and advocates of reproductive health and rights. It is our hope that through this Movement we are reconciling and making great efforts to be architects of peace among our Catholic brothers and sisters, bringing them into full harmony with their faith and to realize that there is no dissonance with their being Catholic and simultaneously believing in the advocacy and goals of reproductive health and rights.

Statement distributed during the press conference held at Barbara's Restaurant, Intramuros, Manila on August 14, 2008


Blogger Cecilia said...

Hi Guys,
1. I have read the RH Bill and many sections are against the teaching of the Catholic Faith. Therefore if I am a "Catholic" for RH, it is a contradiction in terms. I cannot say I am Catholic if I am for all the sections of the RH Bill.
2. Our parish priests or Bishops, I think, are not without serious reasons to oppose the RH Bill if it is not ANTI CATHOLIC. Hindi naman ganon sila kababaw to oppose it for the sake of opposing.
3. Try to read Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio (these can be accessed in vatican website) and see for yourself. Or you can ask me to explain how some sections of the Bill are opposed to the teachings of the Catholic faith. Or you may study the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire..we are not far from it. Just a food for thought.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Manny said...

Well said Cecilia. The RH bill as it stands gravely contradicts long-standing infallible Catholic doctrine. No Catholic can support it and remain true to the Catholic Faith.

The term "reproductive health" can be interpreted in many ways, but in practically every way that the pro-RH bill people interpret it -- as well as the ways that the international RH lobbies do -- is also contrary to Catholic doctrine. Take note that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently made very clear that the Obama administration's idea of "reproductive health" includes promoting access to abortion. See the story below:

Secretary of State Clinton Admits Obama will Work to Dismantle Abortion Laws around the World

Even from a secular, non-Catholic point of view, the RH Bill is a gross slap in the face of democratic civil rights. It blatantly mandates COERCION of doctors and health workers to dispense abortifacient contraceptives. If persons object for moral or religious reasons, the bill requires that they must still make referrals to those who will do the same, making them formal cooperators in the same evil act.

The notion of a "pro-RH catholic" movement is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the population control, contraceptive lobby. It is an obvious oxymoron. It should be exposed for the falsehood that it is.

3:39 AM  

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