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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pinoys say kin, health, religion spell happiness

Pinoys say kin, health, religion spell happiness
10/09/2007 09:53 AM

For Filipinos, family, health and religion are the three (3) most valuable sources of happiness. Sex, on the other hand, ranked low as a source of happiness, but was voted as a significant factor in the list of things giving Filipinos the most satisfaction.

A recent study conducted by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) showed that Filipinos regard the family as the most important source of happiness, giving it a score of 9.45 in a scale of 10.

Health was identified as the second most important source of happiness, with a score of 8.95, and religion placed third at 8.59.

"The most important sources of happiness are family, health, and religion, in that order. Other important sources of happiness include friends, financial security, education, work and love life... Noteworthy is the fact that family is clearly the number one source," NSCB said in its study "Measuring Progress of Philippine Society: Gross National Product or Gross National Happiness."

The study was conducted by the NSCB to find out which things or factors are the most important sources of happiness for Filipinos, as well as the level of happiness Filipinos actually derive from them.

In its study, NSCB showed that Filipinos consider their sex lives – ranking only 14th – as among the least important sources of happiness in their lives, along with community and volunteer work (15th), cultural activities (16th), and politics (17th).

But while Filipinos give low priority to sex as a source of happiness, the study revealed that 72.6 percent of those polled enjoy their sex lives, and ranked sex as one of the major factors giving them the highest level of happiness.

"Quite surprising is that sex is not an important source of happiness! In fact, it is among the five least important! Could it be that the respondents were just too shy to reveal their true feelings about sex? Or time to shift stories away from the birds and the bees?" the NSCB said.

"Sex life is not considered important, but, boy, 72.6 percent of enjoyment of sex is not bad, if work could only give 71 percent, leisure and sports, 70. 0 percent, financial security, 68.8 percent and cultural activities, 66.6 percent! And yes, climate change could be an inconvenient truth, but the respondents will take sex anytime over the environment," it added.

The study was based on a non-random poll of 167 respondents. The NSCB conducted two pilot tests of the questionnaires which list 15 possible sources of happiness.

The study ranked the following factors: family, friends, religion, love life, health, education, sex life, work, leisure and sports, community and volunteer work, technological know-how, income and financial security, cultural activities, environment, economy, government, and politics. - GMANews.TV


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